Friday, February 27, 2009

Just getting rolling

Are there just way too many blogs out in cyber space that get started because someone told someone, "Hey you should have a blog?"  Probably.  Well here's another one.  Hopefully not so ordinary and possibly surprisingly inspiring and even a bit familiar.

One calls me Mommy, and frequently MAAAAHHMEEEE, another calls me Sweetie, two call me daughter, some call me friend, aka Mama Melly.

Stay tuned for a whole lot o' life, breast feeding adventures, raising a little Vegan eating, independent thinking, caring and compassionate BOY all while working on the road and still trying to live happily ever after with the man whom I have chosen to share my world (yes, that's code for "we're not legally married, but we planned our pregnancy, live together as a family and are way OK with it.") 

To kick things off, a tid-bit of our birth story..."it was all going great until we almost died"...more to come.