Monday, July 20, 2009


Watermelon oh watermelon
Rain down on my belly
Fill my face with yummy sweet
Dripping sticking favorite treat

Mouth watering magical
Slippery summery smashtastical
Watermelon oh watermelon
Rain down on my belly

Sweet Pickles Without The Sugar

After an exhaustive search for a jar of store bought sweet pickles with NO high fructose corn syrup or a bunch of other artificial crap on the ingredients list, I'm rockin' a really yummy homemade sweet pickle recipe with home grown organic cucumbers! Can you be a punk rock, hippie AND still be successful? I sure hope so;)

If you want the recipe, among other yummies, check out "Sugar Free Cooking With Stevia The Naturally Sweet & Calorie-Free Herb," by James & Tanya Kirkland.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

My Little Llama, ehum, Person

We are loving the Llama Llama books by Anna Dewdney! She does an excellent job of capturing the feelings of a little one off to school for the first time, headed to bed independently, and even just being fed up with running errands. All of that real life stuff captured so beautifully and Lincoln LOVES the books and begs us to read them to him over and over again. He's even made up his very own llama song. When I asked him if he was my little llama he said, "I'm not a llama. I'm a person." Like duh, Mom. You should really know that one by now. It was a riot.

They were recommended to us by a Librarian. You remember those? Yes, Librarians are alive and well and still hanging out in the library. Who knew? I get so many books on line now and hadn't explored our local library yet, still holding on to fond memories of the public library in Manhattan, I guess. Not sure what I miss more the smell of pee walking up the stairs or the metal detectors at the door. Why was I so nostalgic for that place? Ah yes, the amazing books! We'll guess what? They have amazing books here too and without the airport security vibe and urine experience (unless it is Lincoln's;)

Hope you and yours will check them out and love them as much as we do. Let me know what you think. I've added them to the carousel on the right to make the search easier for you, but if you head to your local library or book store they are sure to be around.

Happy reading!