Friday, December 11, 2009

A Vegan Turkey?????

So just what does a Vegan Turkey look like?

My Mom and I found this kit at the Nutcracker Market (a fundraiser for the Houston Ballet), T’s Mom found the cute little pumpkin (a little tough to come by after Halloween apparently) and Lincoln and I brought him to life. He’s just so cute! I can’t wait to bring him out again next year!

Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving and that your holidays bring you all the blessings there are to bring!

Lincoln’s 3!

It was indeed a time of thanksgiving. Lincoln turned three the day before our Tofurkey Day and most of the family was in our home for a small celebration for him and then yummies the next afternoon. I made a new and tres experimental Vegan birthday cake…not the prettiest of my creations, but tasty and everyone was very gracious and complementary. Ya gotta’ love family!

Lincoln selected a piƱata that looked like Mater from the Cars movie and he and his teenage cousins and his two grown uncles proceeded to beat the heck out of him in the backyard to see what presents he had to offer.

Fortunately I was in charge of filling the poor doomed little Mater and he let fall balloons, biodegradable confetti, small individual bubble containers, crayons, toy bugs, etc. The only challenge, Lincoln really was counting on everything being for him. The good news, everyone pretty much handed it all over.